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Available Lists for Merrimack Town Hall
Dog License Renewal Reminder ListEstimated Subscribers: 84
Receive an email notification when its time to register your dog(s). The Town Clerk will send out a reminder email for you to register your dog.
Manager's ReportEstimated Subscribers: 105
Receive notification of the Town Manager's Report
Planning Board Agendas and ResultsEstimated Subscribers: 91
Receive the Planning Board Agendas and Results
Town Council Agendas and MinutesEstimated Subscribers: 96
Receive Town Council Agendas and Minutes
Town Emergency Notification ListEstimated Subscribers: 126
Receive notifications of emergency situations affecting the Town.
This is not a replacement for the Nixle program being used for the Police and Fire departments
Town Government Press Releases and NoticesEstimated Subscribers: 106
Receive Town Government Press Releases and general Notifications
Zoning Board of AdjustmentEstimated Subscribers: 47
Receive updates relating to the Zoning Board of Adjustments
Subscription Process
  1. Visit the Subscription Page
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Select which lists you wish to be on
  4. Enter the random security code displayed
  5. Click on SEND REQUEST
  6. Check your Email account for a confirmation email
  7. Click on the confirmation link within the email
Process for Unsubscribing
  1. Visit the Un-Subscribe Page
  2. Click on the list you wish to un-subscribe from
  3. Follow the instructions on the bottom of that page
Notices.Merrimacknh.Org provides a mailing list service free of charge to Community related groups and organizations.

Town Hall Related Lists:

Lists relating to Town functions are not maintained by the Town of Merrimack and are only used by Town departments to keep information flowing.

This distinction is made for those people who may be unwilling to provide their email address to the Town. This site is not run by any government entity and your email address will not be shared or sold!

List Counts updated on January 2017

chelsea-build and mpal-info lists were removed on January 2017.


If you have suggestions for lists, please use the Contact Page to send the information along, but keep in mind that you must have the agreement of the provider of that information, otherwise the list will go unused.