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How to Make use of a List

Who Can Send to a List
First and foremost, if you are a member of a list, this DOES NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION to send to the list.

For Town Hall related lists, if you are a Town Employee (using your Town Email address) chances are you will be allowed to send to a list, or if the list was created for a specific committee, the lead of that committee, and perhaps other committee members will be allowed to send to the list.

For other Community related lists the email addresses of the people who will be sending to the list must be included with the list request. An 'open list' (anyone who joins can send to the list) will not be allowed.

Sending a Message to the List
Sending to the list is just that, sending an email, no more. You are not posting the message to a database, or to a website.

To: <list-name>@notices.merrimacknh.org

Note the .org on that address!

Anything you would normally send in a notice can be sent through the list, but please keep in mind the size and format of what you are sending as the list software does not have preferences for list members (for example, text or HTML).

It is suggested that you are part of the list, so you can confirm that the message was successfully processed.

Because of the number of lists rejected or denied messages are not returned to the sender.